Dr. Schwartz specializes in delivering Powerpoint presentations on a wide variety of topics in U.S., European, and world history, suitable for Any organization or institution.

All lectures are feature PowerPoint visuals and multimedia geared to spark interest to the general public as well as special-interest audiences.

Previous lecture topics (all include 4 part series):

American History

Alexander Hamilton – The Man Behind the Musical
The History of Immigration in America
American Identity and American Character
Founding Fathers and Revolutionary Mothers
Race in America
The History of the U.S. Supreme Court
The Gilded Age and Progressive Era in U.S. History
The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt
Lincoln and the Civil War - 6 lectures
Hidden Figures: Unheralded but Fascinating Women in U.S. History
The Decade that Roared: America in the 1920s
Depression! America in the 1930s
The Greatest Generation: America in the 1940s
Happy Days or Misplaced Nostalgia? America in the 1950s
The Times they are A-Changing: America in the 1960s
The Red Scare and Cold War
Great Presidential Elections in American History
Great Trials in American History
The History of U.S.-China Relations
The Jewish Experience in America
Forgotten Wars in American History
The History of American Relations in the Middle East
Over There and Over Here: America in World War One
The History of the U.S. in World War Two

European and World History
The French Revolution and Age of Napoleon
The Victorian Age in British History
Russia from the Czars to Putin
The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany
The History of World War One – 8 lectures
The History of World War Two – 8 lectures
World History up to 1789 – 5 lectures
A History of the Shoah – 8 lectures

Jewish Topics (Single Lectures)
FDR and the Jews
The History of Jews in New York
The History of Jews in San Francisco and Los Angeles
Jews and the American Civil War
Jews and American Presidents
Jewish Entertainers
The History of Anti-Semitism in America
Jews and Booze
Jewish Gangsters in America
Jews and Comic Book Heroes
Baseball and American Jews
Hollywood, Jews, and the Rise of the Nazi Menace
America’s First Super Hero: Harry Houdini
Jewish Immigration to America
The History of East European Jewry
The Six-Day War